• Fabricate Flare Boom

  • Repair HTER - PVFCCo

  • Pig Launcher - Pig Receiver

  • Offshore CCUs (container, basket, rack)

  • Machining

  • Oil rig maintenance

  • Repair LQ's deckhead - offshore

  • Replace Catalyst for CO2 absorber for Fertilizer Plant - Tháo/nạp xúc tác CO2 absorber

  • Design/fabricate/install specialized crane - Chế tạo cầu trục, tháo lắp thiết bị

  • Rubber lining for butterfly valve - Lining cao su van bướm

  • Fabricate submarine model for training - Chế tạo tàu ngầm mô hình phục vụ đào tạo

  • Turnaround maintenance

  • Plant Reformer Maintenance

  • Powder coating

  • Repair heat exchanger

  • Laser cutting machine

  • Under water coating



  • Thermal paint painting

    Thermal paint painting

  • Scaffolding and Painting - Industrial plant

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„We are a steel fabricator, steel components manufacturer, maintenance services provider based in HCMC, Vietnam. We provide full range of services including design, engineering, fabrication, coating, installation, maintenance and repair for mechanical products for Oil & Gas and other industries. Our major products and services include :


- Maintenance and Repair services for Oil and Gas equipment, valves, static equipment, rotating equipment including pumps, compressors, diesel engines;


- Anti corrosion services including UHP water blasting, painting and coating;


- Scaffolding, Insulation and Refractory services;


- Piping spools, tank and vessels fabrication;


- Offshore containers/baskets/racks/frames, steel structures fabrication;


- Heat exchangers, Coolers, Radiators;


- Pig Receivers / Pig Launchers;


- Rubber products and rubber lining. 


„With our competent staffs, we commit to provide the best quality product/services and the best after-sale services to our valued customers.



For more information, please take a look on Our Profile or please contact us at +84(0)2822-535-939 |  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.